Want to Recycle E-Waste?

Who to Contact

e-Waste Association of SA

e-Waste Association of SA
Chariman: Keith Anderson
Tel: +27 (0) 31 535 7146
email: info@ewasa.org
website: www.ewasa.org
address: P O Box 25386, Gateway, 4321

Tips for recycling E-Waste
  • Due to the hazardous materials contained in e-waste, dismantling of equipment should be left to the experts.
  • Handle CFLs and florescent tubes with care to prevent breakage
  • Handle TV screens and computer screens with care, since the glass contains lead in the case of Cathode Ray Tubes and mercury containing backlight lamps for LCD screens
  • Take batteries and mercury containing lamps such as CFLs and florescent tubes to collection points at Woolworths, Makro and Pick n Pay (special containers at the store‚Äôs entrance normally). See www.reclite.co.za for a list of collection points.